Town of Bethlehem Connecticut


All photos courtesy M. Balash


Bethlehem Center

Bellamy-Ferriday House


Abbey of Regina Laudis

Regina Laudis Abbey, founded in 1946, is a community of cloistered Benedictine nuns located on Flanders Road. Visitors are welcome to attend mass, which is held daily, or visit shops where results of the nuns work are displayed. Also at the Abbey is an Eighteenth Century Neapolitan crèche made up of 60 figurines in the costumes of the times


Bethlehem Public Library



Old Bethlem Historical Society Museum

   Post Office

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Long Meadow Pond

    Town Hall

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The "Old Bethlem" Cemetery

"Bethlem" men served in the French and Indian and all subsequent wars. Numerous are the captains and lieutenants buried in the Old Cemetery.


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