Long Meadow Lake Management Committee

The primary focus of the Long Meadow Lake Management Committee is maintaining the quality of the lake water by arranging for weed control and water quality testing.  The lake is tested by Torrington Area Health District.

The Long Meadow Lake Management Committee (LMLMC) has been working to develop and implement a lake management plan to improve the water quality in the lake. It is important to view Long Meadow Lake and its watershed as an ecosystem. 

A Diagnostic/Feasibility report was prepared in May 2002 by ENSR International Water Resources Group.  This report provides scientific information that analyzes the characteristics of the lake and its watershed, and outlines potential objectives and practices.  A copy of this report is available at the Bethlehem Public Library. 

1. ENSR International Water Resources Group, USGS topographic digitalized maps (7.5 min.), MAGIC 2001

Mission Statement

The Long Meadow Lake Management Committee provides lake, shoreline, and watershed management planning to foster the preservation and enhancement of physical, chemical and biological features that support habitat and recreational uses for the towns of Bethlehem and Morris.

Long Meadow Lake covers approximately 110 acres with a watershed of 1170 acres. The lake has a maximum depth of about 14 feet and a mean depth of six feet. While a significant portion of the watershed is located in Morris, most of the lake is located in Bethlehem.  It is a small natural lake, enlarged by the construction of a dam in 1865.