Public Safety


 Fire Marshall

203-266-7510 Ext 6

 Resident State Trooper

The Bethlehem Resident Trooper's office is staffed by one Resident Trooper and six part-time Bethlehem Police Officers.  The Officers are employed by the Town and work under the supervision of the Resident Trooper. Other services through this office include assisting the Fire Department and Ambulance personnel at all emergencies, the child Registry Program, and the DARE and Officer Phil programs at the Bethlehem Elementary School. The biggest responsibility of the Resident Trooper and the Bethlehem Police Officers is crime prevention and awareness. Their visibility in town is a positive deterrent, as is the support of citizens in alerting them of suspicious activities. Citizens are encouraged to call the Resident Trooper's Office, or State Police Troop "L", Litchfield, when any suspicious activity is observed, or when police services are needed. Working together in the community will make Bethlehem a safer and more enjoyable town to live in.

36 Main St. South
Bethlehem, CT 06751