Transfer Station & Recycling Center

Resident Sticker Roll Out


Starting February 2nd, 2022, the Town of Bethlehem will begin implementing a new identification sticker program at the transfer station. Due to the rising costs of transportation and disposal of solid waste, the Town of Bethlehem has decided to replace existing stickers and provide residents with a new numbered decal. The purpose of this new identification system is to reduce the volume of solid waste by making certain, only Bethlehem residents are utilizing the transfer station. Unapproved waste from non-residents is a tax burden and this is step towards reducing those costs. To receive a new decal, residents will be asked to provide (2) forms of identification showing residency in the Town of Bethlehem. Once acceptable forms of ID are provided the transfer station attendant will document the license plate of the vehicle, name and address to which a new sticker will then be placed on the vehicle. There will be no cost for the new sticker.